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Okami Life Organic Matcha

Okami Life Organic Matcha is a boutique powdered green tea, delivering hyper-premium quality, and a sweet creamy flavour. It’s packed with antioxidants, and offers numerous health benefits. If you’re a gourmet foodie, who prioritises well-being and insists on exceptional quality, Okami Life Organic Matcha is for you.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a fine powder produced from shade-grown green tea leaves, with the stems and veins carefully removed before the delicate new leaves are lightly-steamed, dried, and carefully stone-ground. Matcha is a true green tea, made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant.

The best matcha is grown and harvested in selected regions in southern Japan, known for their excellent terroir (the sum effect of local growing characteristics), such as Uji, Nishio and Kagoshima. These areas are known to employ high-end production values, ensuring a premium organic product.

Our Okami Life Organic Matcha is produced specifically for us, in small production runs in Shizuoka. It is then sold online, and through select retailers from our base in Adelaide, South Australia.

Protected from light in its black foil sachet, Okami Life Organic Matcha is a brilliant iridescent green. Prepared with a milk frother or whisk, it froths up beautifully in water or any milk product of your choice. Our matcha delivers a delectable, rich and full bodied creamy taste, with a natural sweetness, thanks to its superior terroir and the painstaking care involved in its production.

Matcha for Optimal Health

Matcha’s specialised processing allows it to develop exceptional antioxidant qualities, as verified in a 2003 scientific study, which found matcha was 137 times higher in antioxidants than a popular brand of green tea bag. This is because the tea leaves are wholly consumed in a powdered suspension, and not discarded from a steeped infusion.

Consuming antioxidants enables a variety of health benefits, including maintaining cardiovascular health, controlling cancer and diabetes risks, and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. On top of all this, matcha also supports weight loss efforts as part of a healthy diet, as it has been found to increase energy burn, and decrease fat absorption.

Matcha contains caffeine. However, it also contains an amino acid called l-theanine, which a 2011 scientific study found assisted in reducing mental and physical stress, so it's not a "jittery" drink like coffee.

The benefits of drinking matcha are:

  • Very high antioxidant levels which can protect against kidney damage and heart disease
  • Inhibits the absorption of dietary fat, helping keep cholesterol levels down
  • Assists in reducing mental and physical stress, producing an antidepressant-like effect
  • Helps purge toxins and potential carcinogens from the body
  • Promotes weight loss, as part of a balanced and healthy diet


Our Philosophy

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We strive to be the best, so that you can too.
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Organic Matcha