Arran Gregory - Sculptor

Okami Life

Okami Life is totally in love with this mirrorĀ sculpture created by UK-based sculptor and illustrator Arran Gregory. Gregory creates beautiful, geometric work inspired by the forces of nature. Check out his tumblr for more images. You can also see it in the AlunaGeorge "Your Drums, Your Love" video.

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What is Optimal Living?

Health Benefits Okami Life Optimal Living

In challengingĀ times, we back ourselves, build our resilience, and refine our decisionsĀ so that we can thrive. Optimal living means making high-quality choices that deliver the best outcomes. No fads, no gimmicks, just informed, reasoned choices that support health, strength, authenticity and autonomy. Optimal living is the essence of Okami Life, a curated selection of the very best choices that make the biggest difference.

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