About Okami Life

Okami Life promotes Optimal Living
Strong, healthy, authentic, autonomous: quality values for challenging times. Our choices reflect these values. We want optimum benefits in return for our time, our energy, our resources. Okami Life curates these choices, supporting our quest for these values. We select the best: best quality, best outcomes, best design.
Okami means Wolf
Just like us, wolves optimise. Sometimes we need to move in packs, other times we need to hunt alone. Optimal living embraces autonomy, and making the authentic choice. We choose strength, we choose health, we choose insight.
We start with matcha, powdered green tea, whose preparation delivers more antioxidants than regular infusions. Beating all fad foods in catechin content, matcha helps support health, reduce risk and boost energy. Matcha packs caffeine. Yet, unlike coffee, it contains l-theanine, which evens out the jitters.