Okami FAQ

Where are you located?
It's a global village, but for now, Okami Life is based in Tasmania, Australia.

Where is your matcha from?
All our matcha is sourced from premium growers in southern Japan. It's packed fresh and sealed in Japan to ensure its quality.

Is your matcha really organic?
Yes, our matcha is certified organic by the Organic Crop Improvement Association, a member-owned, non-profit organisation which certifies organic growers, processors and handlers internationally. It also meets the appropriate Japanese Agricultural Standard for organic products.

How do you ensure its quality?
We preserve the quality and freshness of the organic matcha, without resorting to preservatives, by placing a food-grade oxidiser sachet in with the matcha. Our matcha is also protected from sun and moisture by an opaque sachet that blocks out all light.

Why your matcha and not just regular green tea from the supermarket?
Our organic matcha is a high-grade, powdered green tea preparation, which is consumed in the form of stone-milled powdered whole leaves, usually suspended in water, juice or a milk product of your choice. Matcha can deliver up to 137 times the antioxidants of green tea infusions, in which the leaves - usually of a much lower grade than ours - are not consumed but discarded instead.

Do I have to prepare my matcha with an expensive wooden whisk and bowl?
Life's nothing without ritual, but you're probably not living in ancient Japan. Luckily, rituals can also be optimised! Just mix half a teaspoon of matcha in hot or cold water or milk (use your choice of dairy, soy, almond, whatever). Mix this up with a milk frother until all the powder is suspended in the liquid, and you can't see any clumps. That's how we do it, and it only takes a minute. If any sediment settles while drinking, just swirl your drink.

One important point: if you're using water boiled in a kettle, or straight out of a HydroTap at work, don't pour it directly on the matcha, or you'll burn it. Pour in a little cold water first.

How long will a sachet of matcha last?
A 35g sachet should produce around 35 servings of matcha. As a rule, 1/2 a teaspoon of matcha powder weighs about 1g, and that's how much we use per serving in brewed teas, lattes and matcha juice blends.

Where will you deliver?
We will ship anywhere around the world. Please enter your details into the shopping cart to see the shipping rates relevant to your order size and location.

Is matcha caffeinated?
Yes, matcha is green tea, and does contain caffeine. It's not as strong as coffee, and is unlikely to cause any jitters due to its l-theanine content.

How should I store my matcha?
Keep it airtight, out of the sun, and away from moisture. You can always put it in the fridge to make it last longer, but a cupboard will likely be fine.

Do you help stores and cafes stock your matcha?
Yes, we'd be delighted to hear from you. We can supply both wholesale and retail.

Does Okami Life just sell matcha?
For now, pretty much, and we think it's the best matcha on the market. Ultimately, however, our focus is to provide a range of products that support optimal living. We will add new products as we grow, and they will all support our key values of health, strength, authenticity and autonomy.