Organic Matcha - 10g Pack - Okami Life

Organic Matcha - 10g Pack

Okami Life

$ 8.95

We know there's a lot of matcha out there now, and a lot of it is bitter and a pale, murky green.

Our organic matcha, sourced from southern Japan, is the most delicious on the market. Its sweet, creamy flavour makes it good enough to drink on its own with water, milk or mylk, without resorting to sugar or artificial sweeteners. Try it in water with apple juice or elderflower cordial, or in milk/mylk whizzed up with a banana, if you like it sweet.

There's really no need for elaborate smoothies and expensive blenders, no call for whisks and tea sets or instructional videos, or getting stuck with all that washing up. This is optimal living, after all!

If you're a matcha beginner, this 10g sample pack of our 100% organic matcha is probably a good place for you to start. For best results, store away from direct light in a cool place. This pack provides enough matcha for 8-10 high-quality 250ml cups.

Shipping for samples is free if you live in Australia.

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